Chaste and Feminine

Yesterday marked the beginning of my third month in chastity.  As required, early in the morning i sent Diane and Paul a copy of the daily Chastity Report that included a monthly and year-to-date summary of the time i've been in chastity.

In February i spent 81.62% of the time locked up in my CB-3000.  Year-to-date, the percentage is a bit higher at 85.29%.  February's drop in percentage was driven by our hosting guests for a two week period and the various activities that surrounded that time.

Diane is very happy with the percentage of time i've been locked up.  Similarly, i am pleased but also proud of what i've been able to accomplish.  The percentages are far greater than either one of us thought they'd be and are driven by the fact that almost every night, i've slept in chastity, despite some morning discomfort.

i still find it surprising and remarkable that this has worked so well.  If you recall, Diane was never a fan of chastity, insisting that the whole thing would be too much work.  She prefers a "low maintenance submissive" and in that regard  She's trained me quite well.  The chastity has turned out to be pretty low maintenance and as i get used to it, should be even easier for Her.

In addition, the "results" of this effort aren't only manifested by the hard data She and Paul see every day.   Sure, those numbers represent concrete and easily measurable results, but they fail to take into account other intangible benefits that my chastity has provided.  Among these are a more submissive demeanor (i know, that's hard to believe i could be more submissive), greater obedience, a calmness that comes from accepting my sex life is under Diane's total control and even greater commitment to  my role as Her sissy wife.

Finally, chastity has at times made me feel more feminine. Yes, i am in panties 24/7 and very often wearing more than just lingerie, but the pink CB-3000 also enhances my submissive femininity.  Even if i'm wearing just a pair of panties, or even nothing at all, the cute little pink cage and lock between my legs reminds me of my sissy wife status!

However, it's always nice to get really "gurlied" up while in chastity.  Maybe a cute pink corset like this.  Do you think it's feminine enough?

The photo is courtesy of my sissy gurlfriend Jo Bradford.  Kisses Jo.....xox!

And for those of you who guessed that the last pair of panties shown in yesterday's post were my favorite, you guessed right!  But let's be honest, i'd be happy to wear any of them!


sissy terri