A Sissy Spanking

Diane doesn't use corporal punishment on me that often.  In fact, She's already received many more spankings from Paul as part of their sex play and the mildly submissive role She plays with him than She's given me in years.  Her domination and punishment is usually of a different sort, less physical and more emotional. 

And lately, because of the positive behavioral effects of my chastity, there's really been no instance where my actions have warranted any discipline.  Since i've been in chastity starting January 1, i've been even more docile, obedient and doting on Diane.  Diane's even commented on how i've become a better "sissy wife."  But, i suppose there's no such thing as the "perfect" sissy wife. 

After a rather contentious meeting with a potential client (they're not potential clients any longer) and a drive back into town i wasn't in the best of moods.  My allergies were also kicking in earlier than usual this year and i was just irritable.  i would be getting home a little later than i'd planned and still had to pick up some fresh fish for dinner. 

Once all the preparations for dinner were done i felt a bit better and just settled in and waited for Diane and watched some basketball.  Diane texted me that She would be at least an hour late.  i asked if She were with Paul and She simply responded "No."  Later, another text added another hour to Her estimated time of arrival. 

i suppose She would have also been in a better mood if Her tardiness was a result of spending time with Paul, but it wasn't.  After expressing Her frustrations when She got home, i responded with what in retrospect was a rather snarky remark about my long wait.  That didn't go over very well and before She put an end to the exchange, i had obviously crossed the line.

One of the benefits of a relationship like ours is that little things rarely become big things.  Before they do, Diane immediately calls a "time out" and reestablishes Her authority.  She doesn't really call a time out per se, but She simply says the discussion is over and i get the point.  Then i get the crop.

i went upstairs to retrieve the crop and was ready to bring it back downstairs when Diane met me at the bedroom door.  "We'll do it here" She said.  "Here" meant me bent over the edge of the bed with my ladies shorts and panties down to my ankles while She swatted me with the crop.  There were forty swats, with short breaks after each group of ten.

Diane decided on the number.  i had to count each one, and during the short breaks i had to apologize to Her for being surly.  i don't know whey She decided on forty swats and never asked.  Each one hurt.  And when it was over, my bottom was red, warm and stinging.

We finally ate the grilled fish last night.  It was a lovely night and we ate outdoors. 

It was also a lovely dinner, albeit delayed by Diane's late arrival, my sissy spanking and time spent worshiping my beautiful Dominant Wife. 

And since we're counting, She did have two orgasms as a result of that worship.


sissy terri

p.s. - Coincidentally, my sissy sister Jo got her own comeuppance  yesterday!