Babydoll Fantasies

My fondness for babydoll pajamas began many years ago when i spotted a pair of my sister's that she had bought to attend a pajama party.  When i saw them i wanted nothing more than to wear them and eventually i did.  Unbeknownst to her or anyone else in the house.  At that time, those babydoll pajamas were the most beautiful and feminine things i'd ever seen.

This fondness got stronger and i guess you can say it grew to an obsession.  The majority of my early fantasies involved my wearing babydoll pajamas.  As my fantasy repertoire expanded, other items of feminine finery were added to the mix, but throughout the years, the babydoll always held a prominent place.

i thought of this as i slept in my flowered babydolls last night, one of two pairs i brought along on my trip.  i'm not sure how many pairs i have at home.  Suffice to say i have many.

Anyways, i was just thinking......

Don't you wish babydoll pajamas grew on trees?

If they did, i would plant an orchard!


sissy terri