Sissy Fashion Week - Petticoats

We're leaving tomorrow morning for the remainder of the week and should be back home Sunday.  Diane was off to work very early this morning to catch up on a multitude of tasks and told me not to expect Her until some time this evening.  No doubt one of the tasks is to spend some time with Paul.  A Wife who cuckolds can't be expected to be away from Her lover for too long right?

While i'm away, and Diane and Paul are apart, i thought it might be a good idea to highlight some sissy fashions that i enjoy throughout the week.  It's probably a little more mundane than some of my posts, but i promise you if anything exciting happens (like say....the key to my chastity belt is lost) then i'll make sure to share it with you!

So without further adieu, let's move on to today's fashion feature....the petticoat.

How many sissies can relate?  Whether the fascination was with the woman who was wearing a petticoat, or with the garment itself, it was real and it was powerful.  Flaubert's quote applies to both situations doesn't it?

The petticoat is as beautiful an expression of femininity, in and out of the bedroom....

While my first infatuations were with the full, multi-layered versions with rows and rows of crinolines, i quickly realized that fullness wasn't necessary to express femininity....the shorter versions worked quite well!

The plain white petticoat will always be one of my favorites.....

With corsets, the shorter the petticoat, the better!

Shouldn't we have more dresses that are made to be worn with petticoats available today?

Have a petticoat fantasy or story to tell?  Please share!


sissy terri