Routine Femininity

i was up a little earlier than usual this morning, the result of an early morning erection that was causing me discomfort.  Prior to January 1st of this year, morning erections caused no such discomfort.  i guess you could say the erections still don't cause the discomfort.  Rather, the true "cause" is the CB-3000 that i've been wearing to bed almost every night.  Diane would probably not agree with my assessment.  It matters not.  My chastity has become quite routine.

After a quick trip to the bathroom where i sat on the toilet in a feminine way, i washed my hands, put on my pink slippers and fluffy floral pink bathroom and made my way down to the kitchen to turn on the coffee i had prepared the night before.  The coffee, made to Diane's exact specifications with freshly ground beans, takes about 9 or 10 minutes to brew.  When it was done, i poured myself a cup, did some reading while waiting another half hour or so before delivering a hot cup of the coffee to Diane.  There was a kiss and a "thank you honey" after i laid it on the nightstand as Diane rolled over for another forty winks.  This too has become quite routine. 

Late Monday afternoon just after She got in from work, Diane wanted to make love to me.  She was in a very amorous mood, the aggressor so to speak but not in an overly dominant way.  It was more in a role reversal sort of way, the "horny husband" coming home and wanting "some action."  It felt nice.  It felt feminine. i really felt like Her wife.

"Get yourself pretty" She told me.  i giddily went upstairs and debated over which nightie to wear.  i must have debated too long because Diane was soon upstairs and choosing one for me.  It was a
simple floral patterned babydoll from Vermont Country Store.  She didn't bother to hand me the panties.

i assisted Her with the strap-on, tightening the leather laces on the back of the black leather harness.  my assistance is something She insists upon most all the time and is actually part of the foreplay before our actual lovemaking.  There's a submissive sensuality about the whole thing as She transitions to this altered state of femininity, one that allows Her to pleasure a sissy wife.  That was followed by my worship of Her strap-on as She stood over me.  All so routine yet never less arousing than the last time we've done it.

"Gotta practice for Paul don't we?" She said.  i simply nodded my head in the affirmative. i've done this many times over the years and it is a routine part of the foreplay as well.  Now however, there's a sense of realism as i really am practicing to please Paul as well. 

When She felt ready Diane had me lay at the edge of the bed on my back with my legs spread, bent at the knees and held back towards my chest.  Before preparing both the strap-on and me with adequate lubrication, She produced the key to my CB-3000.  There was some minor difficulty removing it due to my aroused state but those were easily overcome. 

It was the best lovemaking i've ever experienced.  Diane felt perfect inside of me.  She seemed to go deeper than ever and as She made love fell on top of me and kissed me deeply.  i had my arms and legs wrapped around Her as i moaned in the most ecstatic of pleasures.  It was my first orgasm in a long time, and probably my most intense.  Certainly not routine.

i felt so feminine as Diane held me in the aftermaths of my "Big O."  Shortly thereafter, i was back in chastity, getting dressed and donning an apron so i could Diane dinner.  i moved about the kitchen getting things ready and Diane did some work in Her office.   It all seemed so natural.

i'd never felt so much like a sissy wife as i did then.

i also felt very satisfied....and loved.


sissy terri

P.S. - Diane's not going to be seeing Paul here for the next two Wednesdays.  He's away for a couple of days this week and we're gone most of next week.  There's no doubt She'll miss what he has to offer.  But by the same token, i know i have certain skills that She enjoys as well :)